2018 Graduated

Bekmuratova Feruza

Crystal structure of bi- and polynuclear Cu (I) complexes with P, N ligands

Fatykhova Adeliia

Development of an integrated database management system for chemical reactions and molecules

Gimatev Rifat

Calculations of the ligand binding free energy

Khayrullina Zulfia

Atomistic modeling of the structure and properties of composite polymer materials with nonlinear optical chromophores of various structures

Kutlushina Alina

The use of a new representation of 3D pharmacophores in virtual screening

Moiseeva Evgenia

Crystal structure of fluorine-containing benzothiazinesulfonamides: conformation, intramolecular and intermolecular interaction

Sattarov Boris

De novo design of small molecules using the approach combining Artificial Neural Networks and Generative Topographic Mapping. Adenosine A2a inhibitors case