Mukhametgaleev Ravil

Third year PhD student (till 2021)


  • Mukhametgaleev, R.N. Automatic system for extraction of functional groups from reaction dataset and analysis of their reactivity under conditions of catalytic hydrogenation / S.I. Musaeva, R.I. Nugmanov, V.A. Afonina, T.I. Madzhidov, A. Varnek // First Russian-Chinese Workshop on Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry. Тезисы докладов. – Kazan, Russia, 2018.

  • Mukhametgaleev, R.N. EXTRACTION OF RETROSYNTHETIC RULES FROM REACTION DATABASES / R.I. Nugmanov, T.R. Gimadiev, T.I. Madzhidov, A. Varnek // ХХI Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry. Тезисы докладов. – Saint Petersburg, 2019. – С. 88.

  • Mukhametgaleev, R.N. GENERATE BIOISOSTERIC SUBSTITUTIONS USING THE CONDENSED GRAPH OF REACTION APPROACH. / R.I. Nugmanov, T.R. Gimadiev, T.I. Madzhidov, A.A. Varnek // Markovnikov Congress on Organic Chemistry. Тезисы докладов. – 2019. – С. 160.